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New Year, New Happenings…

So much has been done and so much still to do, dear readers! My website has a fresh, new look, complete with a store so that you can easily buy print copies as they’re available. The blog has been updated with a cleaner format (as you can see). The first three installments of the Tribe…
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Dabbling in the Dark

My more macabre nature took hold tonight and I found myself inspired by the two sentence horror format. I wonder if there’s a precedent for a writer who creates both romance and horror? ********** I watched her slipping further away through the shimmering chill of the frigid water, her fingers still reaching for mine. A…
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The Muse Lives – Clip from The Holler

Sig stared at the woman, his muscles drawn tight… an animal ready to spring on prey. His thoughts were a graphic tangle of images, vivid flashes of all the things he would do to her if he got her alone, all the ways he would taste those curves.. ‘Hey! I said what’s your name, boy?’…
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Teaser Look: Flesh

His breath sawed in his chest, straining to pump the last remaining dregs of blood through his veins. His life ran in thick rivers of clotting maroon down his side and into what was left of his jeans. Sweet Christ, how much further is it? Is it still behind us? Turning over his shoulder, shell-shocked…
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Teaser Look: The Holler

July 1956 Tina’s shoes sunk into the mud and she swore, pulling her foot from the mire with a wet pop. “Sonofa…” She heaved a sigh, already bracing for the assault of her mother’s scolding when she saw the ruined sneakers. The shoes had been hand-me-downs from her sister and money was tight these days.…
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