Guess What?

Guess What?

Come on, you know you were expecting it. This month is going to be a vicious grinder as I churn out words like McDonald’s churns out burgers. Between writing two novels, planning two novellas and having a new character for a brand new series breathing down my neck, writing is feeling a little bit like a hostage situation. I’m embracing my Stockholm’s Syndrome. In the meantime, I’m working on growing my readers’ group and I’ll only be giving ARCs out to members from here on out. After finding out that the Spirit has been illegally downloaded 9000 times, I want to be more selective when I give my books out. To be honest, I just with the 9000 people who downloaded would have just left a review. Remember friends, reviews are love.

My mojo is coming back, though, and my head is back into the Tribe world, helped in no small part by loyal readers who want to dive back into the holler with me. I welcome the company, and those hills are getting more mysterious than ever. Some may not realize it, but my fictional town is based on a very real place… a sprawling forest surrounding a tiny hamlet in an undeveloped part of Ohio. McArthur Ohio is my family seat, cradled against the hills by the Zaleski National Forest, it’s land dotted with forgotten history and ancient burial mounds from a time that even the Tribe has difficulty remembering. Experienced guides are wary of those woods and even with the new trail that has opened leading to the remnants of the Moonville ghost town and it’s haunted train tunnel, walking into the Zaleski forest is like walking into a primitive past. What can I say, my family goes back in those hillsfor a lot of generations and I’m proud to be from such wild lands. With the new trail came something unexpected… the ghosts of the Moonville Tunnel are being spotted again, and there’s even been a reported BigFoot sighting. Just when I thought Wright’s Holler couldn’t surprise me anymore, they thrown a new critter into the already dense myths. I have to say, with its proximity to Point Pleasant, I would have expected folks to see the Mothman before they ever found Bigfoot peeking into cabin windows out at Lake Hope. Still, there’s just no place like home and I can’t wait to get back and trek through those old woods again. I think you should come with me. If you do decide to make the trip, don’t be afraid to look for the tunnel and the ghost’s lantern light. And if the phantom brakeman pops out to say hello, tell him Harper sent you.


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