I just realized that its been over a year since I was here. Over a year since I had made the announcement that I was thinking of giving up writing. And outside of a few short stories, I haven’t written in even longer than that. That’s embarrassing to admit and shocking to say out loud. No one could have predicted what 2020 would bring. Nor could we have predicted that a year later, we’re still learning this new reality we find ourselves in

But after such a dark year, hope springs eternal. With the last of winter finally starting to ebb away and the sun returning after what seems like a life time, I find myself looking toward my piles of unwritten book ideas…the plot for The River and The Mountain and the new dates for signing events that have been rescheduled with the promise of 2021 being the year we can all get back to our lives as we knew them.

You might have noticed that I’ve redone my website, my branding… ordered some new pretty things as I’ve dipped my toe back into the waters of the Indie world. I miss writing. I miss my worlds. And I miss you all. It’s been too long and I need to stop pretending like I can let it go. I owe myself more than that. I owe you all more than that when you’ve been waiting so long for the next book. I owe my characters to have their stories told when they’ve been shouting at me louder and louder lately. 

I’m going to listen. I can’t promise it will happen quickly, but it’s going to happen. These books are going to happen because I have so many things to show you inside the Tribe, so many new worlds and characters you need to see in other worlds that found their way into my head when I was sure there the word well had run dry. I have new stories I need to tell you. And I’ve already been a long time gone. 

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