The Tribe Novels

There is a legend amongst the Tribe that our destinies are woven into a blanket by the creator’s own hands. Kokumthena has a thread for each spirit, man and beast. Once the blanket is complete, she will destroy it to begin anew and the world with it.
Kokumthena’s plan is not without opposition, for even the creator must be balanced with an adversary. That is the way of creation itself.
Moroc spends each day unraveling the threads of Kokumthena’s blanket in hope that the pattern will be changed for his own ambitious desires.
His meddling in the fabric of creation brings him face to face with a woman he cannot have -and refuses to forget. Her fate laid out for her, Moroc is left with only one choice. He must alter the pattern of destiny to make sure that she is his.

Manito akanida velawa nees. Maka save us all.


*Winner of the RWA FF&P 2017 Award for Best Paranormal Erotica

Before the white man settled the Appalachians, he stood over the people of the Tribe.
the people that first hunted the corner of Appalachia known to later generations as Wright’s Holler, he was Weshemoneto, the Great Spirit.
To Anna Madeline Wright, he would simply be Wes.
“Annie” Wright came from people that had learned to live on the land, people who believed in the magic saturating the woods around them. In a town not yet influenced by the progress of the industrial revolution, Annie was a pauwau. A witch.
With her people in danger of annihilation, Annie called on the spirits for the power to save them. Her desperation called Weshemoneto himself. When they collided, she had to make a choice: Lose her town or lose her heart.


Sheriff Jessica Attwood is determined to find out what is happening to her town. McAllen has a morgue full of bodies and a file of missing persons dating back decades. Her investigation leads her to the half-breed mountain man, Misignwa, and her reality is thrown into chaos.
The Misignwa’s job is to protect the forests of his ancestors. The problems of the white men aren’t his concern…until they come into his woods and duty brings him face to face with the local sheriff, a woman he’s watched from the shadows for years.
Jessica’s investigation pulls her into a world of lost magic and small town legends–legends that tell of spirits roaming the woods, of lost witches and a battle between good and evil that has raged for centuries. As her fascination with Misignwa grows, something is calling her into the forest, into his arms and onto the front lines.
As the line between the worlds starts to blur, the superstitious townsfolk offer an answer from a time when magic wasn’t just for fairy tales. Something’s stalking the witches of the holler. And it wants Jessica.



Poisoned with the desire for vengeance, an old enemy is gaining power and once again, Wright’s Holler needs a champion to protect the forest and the river gate between the worlds. A Misignwa. Matchetehew is not his brother, tempted to ignore the growing threat as a problem for the Sheriff’s Department. Then a chance meeting brings him to Taylor’s doorstep. Taylor came to McAllen to clear her mind, when her position helping troubled teens is taking its toll on her heart, but she’s not so sure that these hills are the right place for her to find her purpose. Until Matchetehew finds her, his glowing eyes and reluctant care calling her to stay in McAllen just to be near him. But Taylor’s not made for this mountain, unaware of the danger surrounding her. When a strange ailment begins attacking tourists in his woods, Matchetehew can no longer ignore the call of his duty… or his desire to be Taylor’s sole protector. Suddenly, he’s deep in a battle for the survival of the holler… and for Taylor’s heart.



Sheriff’s Deputy Tank Ansley has seen everything these woods have to offer. At least, that’s what he thought. Something is very wrong in the woods, and this time, Tank doesn’t think it’s as simple as an evil spirit.    Wanzosig –she without a name– stumbles down from the mountain, confused and drawn to the holler, and the river gate beyond. Fully expecting to be pulled into its depths, she prepares to fall into nothingness…and falls into Tank’s arms instead. Tank doesn’t know who she is or where she came from, but the woman he pulled from the river needs his help. Wanzosig captivates him and as the power swarming the mountain turns menacing, he refuses to let her follow the pull of energy to the river that almost took her life. Change is coming to the holler and given the choice between defeating the evil or leaving the only love she has ever known, Wanzosig must decide whether to save us all… and leave Tank forever.