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Every legend has a beginning.This is theirs.

With her people in danger of annihilation, Annie called on the spirits for the power to save them. Her desperation called Weshemoneto himself. When they collided, she had to make a choice: Lose her town or lose her heart.

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Sheriff Jessica Attwood is determined to find out what is happening to her town.

McAllen has a morgue full of bodies and a file of missing persons dating back decades. Her investigation leads her to the half-breed mountain man, Misignwa, and her reality is thrown into chaos.

The Misignwa’s job is to protect the forests of his ancestors. The problems of the white men aren’t his concern…until they come into his woods and duty brings him face to face with the local sheriff, a woman he’s watched from the shadows for years.

Jessica’s investigation pulls her into a world of lost magic and small town legends–legends that tell of spirits roaming the woods, of lost witches and a battle between good and evil that has raged for centuries. As her fascination with Misignwa grows, something is calling her into the forest, into his arms and onto the front lines.

As the line between the worlds starts to blur, the superstitious townsfolk offer an answer from a time when magic wasn’t just for fairy tales.

Something’s stalking the witches of the holler.

And it wants Jessica.

Standing Before Greatness

Standing Before Greatness

I believe in signs and great messages from beyond that point you the way you were meant to go. Maybe it's my superstitious roots. Maybe it's my need to believe in destiny. Who knows? The point is, I believe. I thought that attending Apollycon this past...

Beware the Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March… It didn’t escape my attention that the month of March might be hexed. Mercury went into retrograde on the day we set the clocks forward and lost an hour of our lives to the void. And a mere week later, the Ides of March are upon us. Et tu,...

Bitter or Better?

Bitter or Better?

As a writer, have you ever read something so amazingly well written that you question all your career choices? A book or a series that’s so well crafted, so intricate… so entirely beyond that you look at your own work and try to reason why your own drivel would even...

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Moroc's meddling in the fabric of creation brings him face to face with a woman he cannot have -and refuses to forget. Her fate laid out for her, Moroc is left with only one choice. He must alter the pattern of destiny to make sure that she is his.

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