Poisoned with the desire for vengeance, an old enemy is gaining power and once again, Wright’s Holler needs a champion to protect the forest and the river gate between the worlds. A Misignwa.

Matchetehew is not his brother, tempted to ignore the growing threat as a problem for the Sheriff’s Department. Then a chance meeting brings him to Taylor’s doorstep.

Taylor came to McAllen to clear her mind, when her position helping troubled teens is taking its toll on her heart, but she’s not so sure that these hills are the right place for her to find her purpose. Until Matchetehew finds her, his glowing eyes and reluctant care calling her to stay in McAllen just to be near him.

But Taylor’s not made for this mountain, unaware of the danger surrounding her. When a strange ailment begins attacking tourists in his woods, Matchetehew can no longer ignore the call of his duty… or his desire to be Taylor’s sole protector.

Suddenly, he’s deep in a battle for the survival of the holler… and for Taylor’s heart.