And the Prism Award Goes to…

Award-Winning Author

And the Prism Award Goes to…

“The Spirit” by Harper L. Jameson:
Best Erotic Paranormal Romance of 2017!

It was a long road, but on July 31st, the Romance Writers of America Fantasy, Futuristic and SciFi Chapter declared “The Spirit” the winner in their Erotic PNR category. I was online, watching/listening to the awards (though technical difficulties made it difficult) so the announcement and my instant response of excited vomiting was broadcast through the event. Not fun, but so worth it.
Hopefully, with the close of the summer and now being settled in the new house, I can use the momentum of this amazing win to get my creativity flowing again. It seems so long ago that I wrote “The Spirit” (it was) and “The Holler” (it was forever), but the writing bug is back in full force. Let’s hope it lasts.

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