The Blanket – A Legend of the Tribe

The Blanket – A Legend of the Tribe

Title: The Blanket - A Legend of the Tribe
Published by: Satin & Stone Publications
Release Date: May 2016
Pages: 15

"The Blanket" is a short story, introducing the world of The Tribe.

From an award-winning author is the story that started the path to our fates.

There is a legend amongst the Tribe that our destinies are woven into a blanket by the creator’s own hands. Kokumthena has a thread for each spirit, man and beast. Once the blanket is complete, she will destroy it to begin anew and the world with it.
Kokumthena’s plan is not without opposition, for even the creator must be balanced with an adversary. That is the way of creation itself.
Moroc spends each day unraveling the threads of Kokumthena’s blanket in hope that the pattern will be changed for his own ambitious desires.
His meddling in the fabric of creation brings him face to face with a woman he cannot have -and refuses to forget. Her fate laid out for her, Moroc is left with only one choice. He must alter the pattern of destiny to make sure that she is his.

Manito akanida velawa nees.

Maka save us all.

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